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Flowing Bronze In Motion...

This page will feature video representation for the arts which are taught by FBMAS Chief Instructor Carl Eggerson, as Sensei in Kung Ju Ch'uan Fa, and as Sifu in Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu.


You will note the obvious similarities in the movements, as both are heavily-based in the Chinese methods of martial arts. When you view Mr. Eggerson's Kung Ju Ch'uan Fa, you see refined motion owing to the recent years of studying Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu. When you view him performing Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu, you may well perceive the years of basic training in Kung Ju methodology that underlie his love of the martial arts. Compare the two? No need. It's all the same. Just think of them as two phases of education along the same timeline.

We will endeavor to present more streams for your viewing as we create these studies in motion.



Intro - 8-Base High Intensity

Introduction to My Morning Routine. 

Ring Bearer - Game of Death

Free-style Kung Fu Training Ring Practice Time...  Small Iron Ring Training

FBMAS 8-Base HIIT Module

8 Minutes daily HIIT routine for FBMAS Students. Follow along.

Ring Bearer - Matrix

Free-style Kung Fu Ring... Small Iron Ring as a weapon.

Chi Lin Kung Fu Fan Free-Style

Kung Fu Fan free-style in the Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu methodology.

Chi Ling Pai's Tiger

Tiger portion of CLPGF T&C form expanded.


Iron Palm on Ice

Just a few clips of Iron Palm breaking ice as an element of my personal training repertoire. circa 2012-13


Here is a version of an exercise whereby we study how Judo footwork blends with Kung Fu (the basis of the art of Kung Ju).  It's orientation is evidence of the derivation of Judo and other soft arts from much higher level martial styles.

Reflex Bag Training

Chief Instructor's personal regiment includes random time in front of the reflex bag. (Every time they meet, blows fly!

Shaolin Post Training

Another traditional exercise of footwork and balance, done atop short wooden posts.  

Chasing Circles

Part of Chief Instructor's personal training regiment: This is a variation on the theme of Bagua Circle Walking... Actually, just playing in quest of understanding of Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu, and thus... motion.

Freeform Kung Ju Flow

Just an exercise in the Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu vein, flowing freely in the aspect of Butterfly. 

Freeform Pole Exercise

A freeform pole fighting form in the tradition of Chi Lin Gung Fu and AOM Kung Ju. It will not be taught this way. This is merely an exercise I do to correct old mistakes and build on new technical information. I have always enjoyed the simplicity of this weapon.

Rooftop Kung Fu

An exercise of balance. This particular flow leans more to Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu, in it's circularity and structure.


Dressed to Not Kill

During the weekend of the MACS 2010 Gathering, this freestyle Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu form was done to demonstrate fluid fighting can be done even in business attire..

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