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Training Options & Facilities

After operating our Headquarters out of the Atlanta metropolitan area for close to 12 years, we relocated back to our original hometown, Chicago, where we have been teaching since 2011!  We offer training in various scenarios.  Of course, we are always considering our options in this modern world, hoping to provide great instruction in a Chicago-area neighborhood near you.  Please bookmark this website, and return for frequent updates.

*IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS, but are serious about wanting to learn, please consider Scenario #4 as an option. If all other classes are closed by government mandate and/or in the interest of public health, this option will still be available to augment your training in other scenarios and to cover any periods, thereof.

Be Safe!

Scenario 1.    Private Lessons


These sessions are currently being held at our private location (Invitation/Appointment ONLY) on Chicago's Northside, near Western and Irving Park.

Scenario 2.    Semi-Private Lessons


Currently, Semi-Private Lessons are being taught to groups of up to 4 persons at either our private location (above) or a location agreed upon by your instructor and you.  For current rates, visit FAQ section.


Scenario 3.   Group Instruction


Group Sessions are arranged by you and our Chief Instructor, and occur at an agreed upon facility sufficient to your group's size and training requirements.  This is a great offering for your Women's Groups, Kids' Programs, and such special projects.

As in the past, we are always seeking opportunities and more accessible locations at which to better serve the community.

Scenario 4.   AIR - (At Your Home)


This is a program for training at home using your tablet or other computer with a camera. It allows you to train in the comfort of your own space. You need to have at least 6-8 feet of square feet and decent lighting. This is not a pre-recorded video training session, but a LIVE session with the instructor.

Note: During the pandemic, all classes are remote, but this option will remain, post-pandemic, especially serving those who are not local to our Chicago location.

Please contact us for more information!

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