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Register As A Potential Student

The mission of the Flowing Bronze Martial Arts Society (FBMAS) is to educate and to learn more of the martial arts.  In order to be good teachers, we must be better students of life.


  1. Respect is of the utmost importance, and must be given to your Instructor, Senior and all other students.  In order to avoid harming others, no jewelry should be worn during class.  Furthermore, the school is not liable for Student’s personal effects.

  2. FBMAS’s Kung Ju Ch’uan Fa and Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu Intensive Study course standard tuition is a non-refundable $100 per active month, payable on the first class of each month.  There is a one-time registration fee of $25 at the upstart of your sessions.  Tuitions remaining unpaid after the first class of the tuition cycle may incur a $25 late fee, per monthly cycle. Students participating under the above arrangement should never be in position to incur such late fees, as it inherently eliminates late payments.

  3. For Special Programs (such as FBMAir, FBVproto)  the tuition is as discussed and agreed upon with your FBMAS instructor.  Although the standard payment structure may not pertain to your program, all other details should be taken to heart as you will be held accountable.

  4. Instructor is certified by the Flowing Bronze Martial Arts Society, and is not liable for injury and/or damage sustained during the normal course of martial art instruction.  FBMAS is free of all liability regarding individual instructors.

  5. The Instructor will arrange a place for the session to take place, unless otherwise specified by Instructor with lessons occurring at Instructor’s specified schedules.

  6. Student MUST make every effort to attend class, and be on time.

  7. Student will provide his/her own workout garments.  The official student uniform of the FBMAS is the black gi with a white belt (KJCF) or black t-shirt kung fu uniform (CLPGF).  No decorations should adorn the uniforms, unless specified or okayed by FBMAS.

  8. The Student agrees to make the most of the opportunity to learn by training & studying between classes in order to complete the course in reasonable time frame.  Student is admonished to create a personal notepad/journal of things learned for better retention.  No video camcorders should be present in class, unless by permission of  Instructor.

  9. Student must announce any intended absence 24 hours or more in advance of scheduled lessons.  While it is generally acceptable for guardians to contact with such information, it is the Student who must show such responsibility.

  10. All members must maintain themselves in honorable activities, which do not reflect negatively on the FBMAS

  11. Unauthorized use of FBMAS, AOM, Kung Ju, Kung Ju Ch’uan Fa, and Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu trademarks is not allowed.

  12. All testing and promotions must be administered and/or authorized by the Chief Instructor.

Thanks for registering!

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