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While there are many who have trained with AOM since inception, we will list only those who have stayed the course to the level of instructor or above in the arts as taught by Chief Instructor Eggerson.  

Others not noted, below, include Terrion Johnson & Eurwin Lewis, co-founders of Kung Ju.  Although Terrion continues to train, Eurwin retired long ago.   Also, Sensei Gerald Winn & Sensei Marion Lee, who were both charter members of the first generation of Kung Judoka alongside Chief Instructor Carl Eggerson.

Sensei Larry Peavy, based in Atlanta metro, is amongst the new generation of students who have taken up the mantle of training in this hybrid artform of Kung Ju/Kung Ju Ch'uan Fa, having first earned his Shodan ranking in 2010.  



FBMAS Qualified Instructors

Chief Instructor, Carl Eggerson

This is our outreach mission, and although many may question the validity of martial arts in a world where gunplay is so common, we are living proof that martial arts puts the power of choice into the hands of the youth, and therefore, the people.  Just as there will always be the naysayers and those who just don't "Get It", there will also always be those who KNOW better.

While FBMAS teaches both Traditional and Eclectic martial arts, we focus more on the process of learning so that our students can go just about anywhere to reach their individually-motivated goals.  Rest assured that very few of our Westernized martial arts schools meet the old-school (Asian) Masters' criteria of being "genuine", so it is rather laughably ironic when someone makes a statement that ANY particular art is "not real".    That said, we do place importance on the preservation of some traditions which serve to keep us mindful of just what we are doing:  learning to preserve life, which may entail endangering that of our assailant(s) by whatever means we have at hand, "Real" or not.  A somewhat wise man once said, "Just because you don't see the wall of bricks ahead of you does not mean you will defeat it by discounting it is on the other side of a veil you are running head-first into."

Chicago - At a young age, Carl saw his first Bruce Lee film. It was "Enter The Dragon", and there was something about the presence of Mr. Lee that sparked a flame that would continue to grow for decades.

Several years later, Carl's older brother found association with two young men who had begun a journey into the martial arts. Their names were: Terrion Johnson and Eurwin Lewis. They had both been students at M.A.S., a local dojo headed by Sensei Bill Dunning.

Mark (Carl's Brother) had begun to learn from them, and this allowed Carl the chance to hang out and see what it was all about. After a slow start, he caught on. Then, he augmented his training with them (known at that time as "The Kung Ju Warriors") by studying Tae Kwon Do (Simba Lee Taylor & Jimmy Hughes of Youngstown, 1982-83), Stick weaponry, and continued to research many other arts.

Chicago - In 1984, Carl achieved his Shodan in the art of Kung Ju, and then enrolled in M.A.S. to focus on Judo under Sensei Dunning. His pursuit of Judo would later (1989) continue in Youngstown, under the tutelage of Master Moon S. Park (Yudo). It would be a year or so (1991) afterward that he earned his Shodan in Judo under Sensei Terrion Johnson, while living in Los Angeles.

It was in 1986 that the Alliance of Martial Arts was officially formed, with Kung Ju as its main criteria. This union was the basis of an organization, which has at its heart the desire to give other youths a way to get beyond life's circumstances. Such is what it had accomplished for Carl and his martial arts brothers.

Over the following 12 years or so, Mr. Eggerson took the helm and steered Kung Ju along the course of continual refinement.  Along the way, elements from several other arts found their way into the mix which eventually would form the criteria for the modern course, but the journey continued.

Stone Mountain, GA -  During 1998, Carl decided to take on students in private and semi-private settings, teaching on location and in his private studio.  Four years later, he would have a voice-over acting audition at the office of the gentleman who would soon become his Sifu.   

The thirty minute session gave way to a 3-hour+ long conversation about martial arts, after which Carl would agree to come train with Master Scott Felsen.  The exchange:  Master Felsen would teach Carl how to "move like a master", bringing his Kung Ju training to its next level of refinement.   For his part, Carl would join the mission of preserving Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu, in accordance with Master Felsen's promise to his own Master, Grandmaster Denis R. Decker.

Starting his training in 2002, Mr. Eggerson went on to become an advanced instructor in Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu, representing the art across the U.S., alongside his brethren of the Chi Lin Family.  He continued to teach the Kung Ju curriculum, as well, furthering the goal of the AOM Mission of preservation for Kung Ju.  When you see his Kung Ju, you see his understanding of Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu taking it to a higher level.  When you see his Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu, you see his years of Kung Ju principles in the underpinnings.  

On the night of Thursday, November 5, 2009, Mr. Eggerson was officially promoted to the rank of a Master in the art of Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu by Master Scott Felsen, the head of the Chi Ling Pai® Gung Fu family branch.

By June of 2011, Mr. Eggerson had been promoted again, and relocated to Chicago in an effort to bring his mission full-circle.  He focuses his energies on authoring his sci-fi novels and photography.  The process of exploring the opportunity to open a local training center (dojo, kwoon) was also part of his immediate focus, but as part of a larger mission, which includes teaching after school programs in the inner city communities of Chicago.

During the Winter of 2016-2017, it was decided by core members of AOM that their longstanding mission had run its course. Sensei Eggerson, who had championed the mission of developing and teaching their martial arts concept in a more systematic and uniform manner, maintained the original mission. That training method would go from being called Kung Ju to the more appropriately named "Kung Ju Ch'uan Fa", since it was no longer just freestyle.


In accordance with the spirit of the initial dream, Carl decided to focus his efforts on re-tooling the directives of the mission. This would entail preparing current and future students for where he envisioned the martial arts should go in order to preserve and proliferate. This new expression of the mission would take the student body trained under him into a future which would allow them to uphold the mission and effectively pass it on to those worthy of it.


--ce edited 3/14/2017


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