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Frequently Asked... and FYI

Here are a few answers to questions that I hear in the course of daily interactions with potential students.  Feel free to contact us, directly, with any other questions that we may answer for you.​


Why is Martial Arts training right for me and my family ?

While training in the martial arts has countless benefits for its practitioners and the world, in general, some of the best reasons are:

  • Improve Your Fitness & Health
  • Build Your Personal Power
  • Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones
  • Equip Your Children for Success In Life, School & Society
  • Better Your Community


Which FB Martial Art is best for me?

​Training at Flowing Bronze Martial Arts Society is done to "fit" the individual student.  In general, there is always a way to train ALL ages and genders in each of our arts, but part of the responsibility of a good teacher is to make sure the lesson plan is suited to the student.  Although the methodologies are tried-and-true, having been on a course of continual refinement for generations, different students have different needs, desires, physical characteristics & mentalities.  Even group training sessions include attention to the individual, for this reason.

  • CHI LING PAI® GUNG FU (Unicorn Kung Fu) is probably going to work for you if you are interested in training in an art with a Chinese Traditional edge, focusing on the science of martial arts.  At different age levels, this knowledge will be passed on to you in various ways, including training forms, sparring, realistic self-defense training, seminars & martial art family gatherings across the U.S..  

  • KUNG JU CH'UAN FA (Effort of Gentleness Fist Method) is more likely suited to you if you are just beginning in martial arts and/or want to expand your horizons with an open mix of self-expression and conceptual training .  It's traditions lean more to the Japanese side, owing to one of its core arts being Judo. Over the years, it's developed from it's original freestyle format (Kung Ju) into a more systematic and consistent one.

  • JUDO (Gentle Way).  Traditionally Japanese sport, Judo is for you if you want to embark on a sports odyssey that contains levels well beyond sports, but allows you to train with others worldwide in a safe, socially solid circle.  Currently, FBMAS does not have the facility to train in this art, but we do incorporate some of its core physics in the Kung Ju course. Also, we are happy to refer you to qualified local dojos. 


What Age Group does FBMAS teach?

​Although we do teach students from age 3 & Up, for obvious reasons, we prefer to keep training "age appropriate."  (Special group arrangements only for ages 3-11)   Age groups are segmented to assure the best environment for training, with certain restrictions on the size of those groups (for the sake of safety and quality of education).


Must I sign a contract to train with FBMAS?  


​While there is no mandatory contract to sign up to train with FBMAS, you (or your legal guardian) must sign a Waiver.  This is without exception, for insurance purposes.  Also, we will offer short-term contracts for those who want to commit to a program for up to 6 months at a reduced rate, in the near future, but that will not be mandatory.  ​


How Much will it Cost to train with FBMAS?   ​​

IN-PERSON CLASS RATE (60-90 min sessions:)

Standard class tuition (where students come to FBMAS location) is $150 a month, with a one time Registration Fee of $25. Be sure to look for current discounts that may be occasionally offered!

​AIR (REMOTE CLASS) RATE (45-60min sessions)

The current discounted FBMAir program (train from your own location)  standard options are: 

  • A.  $75 monthly membership without contractual obligation, plus $25 registration fee

  • B.  $500 for 6 months, paid in full in advance, registration, plus $25 registration fee


Please note that there are no make-up classes currently available if you do not make your sessions. Over time, we have found that it does not foster discipline when we continue to allow students to miss and make up classes, too often. What's more, it shows a disrespect for the teacher's time and efforts. That said, there will be no refunds, and it is based on the calendar month rather than the 30-day cycle. Any school-wide scheduling issues (holidays, closures due to illness, etc.) will be handled on a case-by-case basis to make the student body whole.

Feel free to inquire about single parent discounts, where you and your child may train together for a discounted rate. Also, inquire about our special youth programs.

If you have a group of associates who want to train with you, and you have a location, we DO deliver.  The same applies if you have a children's group or club who you would like for us to put together a training program for.  Again, please feel free to contact us to discuss any applicable discounts and arrange a suitable schedule. 

Be sure to check our website, frequently, for any special offers we may be promoting.  Also, be on the lookout for special web-based coupons, throughout the year.  ​


Who can benefit from MA training?  


​Time has shown the benefits of martial arts training in so many walks of life, regardless of age, sex or background.  For instance:


  • Children -   Confidence & Discipline building, Concentration improved for school and other tasks, Effective against Bullying, Great way to counter Obesity, and Respect for Life and Community.

  • Parents -    Peace of Mind about your Children's general safety, Consistent & Positive Reinforcement of Good Character in your Children, Healthy activity and outlets for youthful energy.

  • Women -    Self-defense tactics for YOUR real-life, Great way to get in or keep in shape, Positive outlet for your day-to-day stress.

  • Youths -   Positive outlet of energy, Stress relief, Self-expression through rigorous training, Mental preparation for Personal Success in Life, Mentoring & Leadership Training.

  • Men -   Positive and Healthy way to deal with Stress, Great way to expand your horizons and improve yourself, Excellent way to get in shape & increase your mental focus.

  • Elderly -   A great way to keep active, Improved health and mental retention, Great tool for fighting depression, Allows for better mobility and safer falling.

Studies have also shown that students with various maladies and conditions are usually positively affected by martial arts training (esp. under a knowledgeable instructor), such as:


  • Autism

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Asthma

  • Obesity

  • Depression

  • Hypertension


As a Student, where can I get training videos?   


​All students and interested parties may view the videos within this website's media (video gallery) page.  Students specifically training in Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu may contact CMARC Productions for the videos which feature Chief Instructor Eggerson and others.  

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