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Your FREE 4 weeks of Kung Fu Lessons

It is often said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
This offer is for someone who is new to martial arts, and who is interested in learning martial arts in the Chinese tradition. This is not a commercial Dojo. It's small, private or semi-private, and rigorous. While current rates are at a discounted $75 a month for a session a week (or more, if I invite you beyond that), THIS OPPORTUNITY IS FREE to you IF you can commit to the 4-week program offering.



These remote class slots will be taught by current senior students under the watchful eye of our Chief Instructor via our selected web portal. You need only be able to access the internet with a browser, have a large enough screen to view, and a working web camera (on your laptop). Classes will last approx. 45 minutes, and you will attend one day out of the week. You will need approximately 6-8 Square Feet of space to move around in. 


Interested or know someone who might be? Inbox me and introduce yourself, then tell me about your background and express your level of interest.



Thank you, in advance.


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